RECENART is run by a team of art historians and natural scientists. The team members operate as Professors, University lecturers, Docents in the University of Jyväskylä. Everybody in the team has achieved the scientific excellence in their own field.

Laura Aineslahti

M.Soc.Sc. Marketing and Communications

+358 40 750 6415

Tiina Koivulahti

Lic.Phil. Art History, CEO

+358 400 248 083

Juhani Huuskonen

Dr. Docent, Chemistry
Research & Development

+358 50 562 0405

Seppo Hornytzkyj

Mikko Laitinen

Dr. Researcher, Spectral Imaging


Riikka Köngäs


+358 40 536 6582

If you have an interesting work of art that should be researched scientifically, please contact us!