Research Centre for Art

RECENART applies the latest technology in analysing fine art and archaeological objects. The team constantly develops existing and new research technology.

We serve art buyers, sellers and intermediaries who are interested in knowing more about a work of art or the whole collection.

Our Principal Investigators in Finland, London and New York are leaders in their field. By combining scientific analysis solutions with their expertise, we can help you with the questions you have about your art object.

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Scientific Techniques

RECENART applies state-of-the-art techniques in analysing fine art and archaeological objects.

Scientific analysis, such as material analysis and technical imaging, enables us to find out the hidden features and the materials used in the artwork. This information can lead to attribution the work of art to certain artist.

The following scientific techniques are available in RECENART:

  • Materials analysis and dating techniques:
  • Technical imaging techniques: hyperspectral imaging,
    X-ray, photogrammetry, raking light, UV- and IR
    spectrographic analysis, stereomicroscopy
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Provenance and Attribution Studies

RECENART experts are performing provenance and attribution studies to complete the material and technical imaging analysis of the artworks.

Provenance means the chronology of the ownership, to include the custody or location of the art object from the time of its creation by the artist until the present day. Attribution means the authorship of a work of art. To determine the attribution, it is necessary to study style, subject and provenance of the art object. A documented provenance may strengthen the attribution to a specific artist and prove the authenticity of the work of art.

Together with scientific analysis attribution and provenance study provide strong evidence of artwork´s history, dating and authenticity.

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Collection management services

RECENART offers for private, corporate and institutional clients various collection management services. Our art historians and conservator take care of inventory of collections and condition reporting. We also consult about appraisals and evaluate the collection or single works of art on demand.


Mobile Laboratory

RECENART has a mobile laboratory, which can do the research needed on site, at your premises.

Our mobile laboratory includes portable material technical analysis, micro-samplingas well as imaging analysis solutions. Our technical imaging systemtogether with materials analysis techniques allow us to analyse the artworks where everour customers and their artworks are.

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